Defeat Hardware Complexity

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Defeat Hardware Complexity

Contact your Local Representative

Defeat Hardware Complexity

Contact your Local Representative

Experience Project Success with CLP Systems

Nobody likes the stresses of designing and installing tie-down systems, so we created a new way for you to experience easier design, larger savings, and quicker installation, giving you peace of mind about the tie-down scope.

CLP Systems is dedicated to helping you make the tie-down install a success. Not only are you provided with a designer and project manager who is only one call away, we also provide nationwide installation services and on-site support. By choosing CLP Systems, your pre-planning and installation experience will be seamless. Contact your local sales representative today and learn more about how CLP can help you simplify anchor tie-down hardware on your next wood frame project.


Threaded Rod System

The Preferred Choice

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Rod/Coupling Nut Install

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Keith Rothwell | Senior Vice President Oxford Properties

“We prefer the rod system because it is much more efficient, user friendly, less error prone, and easier to manage.”

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