3 Tips on How Wood Frame Contractors Can Have a Successful Project

Wood frame contractors, do you know that taking a few steps early in the project can help your whole project stay on track, save the budget, and set you up for success? We asked our team what the best tips are they could share when it comes to ensuring a project runs successfully. Here are their top tips to guide you:

  1. Schedule and plan a pre-construction meeting with your CLP Rep to briefly talk over product design and installation. A thirty-minute conversation can eliminate many mistakes. You can call your CLP Rep back any time for questions!
  2. Make anchors a priority when considering hold-down suppliers. Cast-in anchors and embed plates are very often required for medium to high tension loads and knowing where they will be required and placing them before concrete pour can save a great deal of time and money throughout the project.
  3. Get CLP involved early so we can address any design and/or anchor issues long before the actual material is needed.


CLP wants to help guide you to have the project success you want! If you are interested in having the most successful project you have ever had, call us at 800-214-7673 to get started today.