3 Ways You Can Save More With CLP Systems

Why should you choose a CLP rod tie down system over conventional tie down hardware? The reasons are simple.

You can save more. That means more money, more time, and more strength, so you can devote more of everything to your projects success.

See how CLP Systems’ rod tie down system compares to conventional tie down hardwares and what “more” really means.


Ditch the added materials and labor costs, and switch to a simple rod system expertly designed for your needs. With CLP Systems, we do the hard stuff for you, so you can focus on the more important tasks at hand.

CLP Systems                                                                                                                     

  • Less Material
  • Reduced Labor
  • Uniquely Designed with Signed and Sealed Engineer Drawings

Conventional Hardware

  • High Material Cost
  • Requires Extra Labor
  • Added Material Cost – Nails, Screws, Lumber
  • Increased Liability


Cut your installation time in half by switching to a CLP tie down rod system. With a focus on seamless installation, CLP Systems beat conventional hardware in all areas. Not only are there fewer, and more pre-cut parts in CLP systems, but we also offer nation-wide installation services and on-site support. Beat that, conventional hardware.

CLP Systems

  • Quicker – Fewer Parts, Pre-cut Rods
  • Easier – No Nailing or Hammering
  • Safer – Installed from Inside the Building

Conventional Hardware

  • Multiple Parts that Increase Human Error
  • Specific Nails Required
  • Interior Installation Requires Stacking of Studs to Align
  • Exterior Installation Requires Basket Lift


Say “No More” to conventional solutions. CLP Systems has a solution for all of your tie down problems. Our tie down rod system, located within the wall cavity of your structure, eliminates buckling and water infiltration typically seen in conventional systems. Unlike other systems, a CLP system compensates for your structures wood settlement and shrinkage – ensuring the lasting strength of the project for years to come.

CLP Systems

  • Eliminates Buckling
  • Compensates for Settlement & Wood Shrinkage
  • Contained within the Wall Cavity

Conventional Hardware

  • No Solution for Settlement
  • Buckled Strapping Causes Water Infiltration
  • Interior Buckled Strapping Causes Finish Issues
  • Strapping can Cause Waves in Wall Finishes



Contact your local representative today to start saving more on your next multi-family project!