67% of 5 Story Wood Frame Multi-Residential Projects Are Specified with Continuous Rod Systems

Structural engineers continue to adopt and replace conventional holdowns with continuous rod systems in wood frame multi-family projects. With recent urbanization, increase in levels and larger slab loads – construction has experienced higher demands on product capabilities and budgets. Engineers seeking different approaches on the tie-down scope specified continuous rod systems on 67% of 5 story projects to meet these new demands in 2016. These statistics continue to be a trend on the rise as larger multi-family projects are developed.

Below are a few resources that identify advantages to specifying and installing continuous rod systems in wood frame multi-residential buildings:
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2. Triple Your Holdown Capacities with Threaded Rod Systems
3. Continuous Load Path Rod Systems

At CLP Systems, we partner with engineers and contractors to meet these new demands and keep continuous load path solutions cost-effective while safely securing wood frame structures during high wind and seismic events.