Anchor Issues? Let CLP Systems Guide You!

Don’t want this to happen to you? Let us guide you!

We spent some time talking with our engineers learning the various ways to eliminate issues during construction.

One of the biggest challenges in the multi-level wood frame industry is structural anchors. Many times, anchors are picked out of massive catalogs where the fine print is easily overlooked. This means when it is time for installation, the anchors used don’t meet the requirements and must be fixed post concrete pour, thus, leading to hours of extra work and headaches finding a solution. Not to mention, increased cost and construction delays.

CLP Systems works with structural engineers and contractors to help specify anchor requirements on the front-end so that anchor issues are one less thing to worry about. We also provide dimensions that aid in finding the exact locations where the anchors should be installed, and our expert anchor engineers use the ACI 318-11 Appendix D (or ACI 318-14, Ch. 17) to create anchor solutions tailored to your needs. CLP Systems’ anchor solutions include post-installed adhesive anchors, cast-in-place anchors, embed plate, and post-installed embed plates.

Missing Anchors and Insufficient Concrete Parameters

A surprising percentage of jobs have an insufficient concrete design to carry the load demand being transferred by the shearwall holddown system. Addressing this issue on the front-end can help relieve anchor design issues and scheduling conflicts.

When CLP gets involved early, we can offer job-specific solutions before it’s too late. Our approach is to evaluate all the factors on a project and offer solutions based on challenges unique to that project. Solutions that we have offered in the past outside of typical post-installed and cast-in-place anchors include embed plates, through-bolts, recommendations for increased concrete thickness or width, and post-installed plates. The most economical approach to avoiding problems with anchors is to address them several weeks before slab or footing pour dates. This gives sufficient time for analysis, design, review, and RFI’s to be completed and reviewed prior to the concrete pour.

If concrete is poured without required cast-in-place anchors or embed plates, CLP Systems engineers work closely with EORs to find solutions. This approach tends to increase cost for all parties involved, can further push back schedules, and many times requires the notching of studs and sometimes concrete.

Shop Drawings and Specification

When CLP gets involved early, we can provide economical anchor design specific to each project’s concrete foundation. Further, CLP can provide the EOR with compression post design to complement the rod system.

The design requirements are provided on the CLP shop drawings, with supporting calculations available upon request.

Here at CLP Systems, it is our mission to provide simplified, seamless project success.

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