CLP Welcomes Coleman Beasley The Engineering Team!

CLP welcomes Coleman Beasley to our engineering team! Coleman graduated from the University of Alabama at Birmingham with a BS in Civil Engineering, where he completed two successful internships with MD Henry Company and CLP Systems. Coleman was drawn to the engineering and construction industry because he always loved math and science. However, through his experience, he has found that working collaboratively to solve problems and help people is a fundamental component of the construction process and is the aspect he enjoys the most.

As a designer, Coleman strives to achieve the highest level of detail in his drawings in order to provide the most accurate information on a project. His goal is to ensure his designs help project managers, superintendents and site personnel maximize efficiency in the fast-paced construction environment. Coleman believes detailed designs can save time and money in the field and is committed to finding the best ways to achieve these outcomes through his design work.

Coleman likes working at CLP Systems because CLP “is a friendly place where everyone knows their role and how to work as a team. Everyone knows what it takes to bring success to a project.” His attention to detail, exceptional design skills, and commitment to excellence make Coleman a valuable addition to our CLP team.

Outside the office, Coleman enjoys golfing, going to the lake, hanging out with friends and cutting grass.

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