Designing for Natural Disasters

Designing a building to withstand the forces of nature can be daunting. High wind and seismic events have the potential to ravage even the best designs, exerting forces through a structure both vertically and horizontally. Utilizing a threaded rod system can help keep your structure safe through these chaotic events, giving you the assurance that your design will survive some of the toughest conditions nature can create.

When lateral winds and seismic forces strike, the horizontal forces try to overturn a building. These forces are offset by the shear wall, which is anchored by hold downs at each end of the wall. Replacing conventional shear wall hold downs, threaded rod assemblies anchor the structure to the foundation and resist overturning. The rods create a continuous load path and provide greater tension capacity against lateral forces.

Threaded rod assemblies for the shear wall are typically restrained at each floor, allowing tensile loads to be transferred incrementally at each floor level. This prevents loads from accumulating at the top level of the building and creates opportunities for value engineering as rod diameters and the quantity of compression studs needed can be reduced from floor-to-floor.

Wind uplift is a vertical force pushing up on the roof structure of a building causing the roof to potentially lift off. This happens when wind pressure is greater below the roof than above. To counteract this force, CLP Systems’ custom-designed continuous rod tie-down carries the uplift load from the top-plate straight to the foundation, securing roof trusses during high wind events.

Threaded rod systems can ensure the longevity and quality of your multi-family residential project by combating the seismic and wind forces that can potentially compromise the structural integrity of your building.

If natural disasters are constantly causing you worry, you can design better knowing that when you use threaded rod systems in your project, it has a better chance of withstanding wind and seismic events. CLP can give you that peace of mind today. Call your local CLP representative to get started.

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