DOMESTIC: Does Domestic Really Matter?

Most want to “Buy American”. Especially these days, as we observe the global supply chain disorder and realize that we need more domestic manufacturing.

But when it comes to quality control and supply, it feels like you can’t always trust imported material.

There’s supply risk to buy import. A lack in quality control. Potential for sub-standard material.

As an engineer, you’re concerned about structural integrity and project success. But you may not know what exact material is purchased for your projects. Many contractors are experiencing supply chain issues, causing delays with anchors and tie-downs.

There’s a simpler way to guarantee your projects are built on-time and with the highest quality.

It’s what we care about at CLP Systems. As a domestic manufacture, we help engineers and contractors experiencing project success by manufacturing, engineering, and servicing tie-down hardware.

During this “new normal” over the past few months, we have continued to manufacture the highest quality threaded rod and do not anticipate any supply issues.

If any of your projects are having issues securing tie-downs or anchor bolts, please guide them to CLP Systems and we will get things back on track quickly!

Your success starts with us.


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