NEW EMPLOYEE SPOTLIGHT: CLP Welcomes Emma Grace Mayfield to the Sales and Marketing Team!

CLP Systems welcomes Emma Grace Mayfield to the Sales and Marketing team! Emma Grace graduated from Troy University with a Bachelor of Science in Communications where she worked for Troy University Athletics and gained experience at all levels of marketing, from passing out flyers to planning and marketing an entire football gameday. She has additional experience in strategic marketing, including creating content and increasing sales leads through trade show presence.

Emma Grace enjoys working at CLP because CLP provides the best customer experience in the industry, noting “CLP is with the customer every step of the way.” She likes CLP’s friendly atmosphere, approachable team members and the culture of collaboration. Her enthusiasm for marketing and her track record of marketing success makes Emma Grace a valuable addition to our team.

Outside the office, Emma Grace enjoys watching sports, especially football, and binging on the latest Netflix series.