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Design Easier

CLP Systems is dedicated to helping you make the tie-down solution a success. Not only are you provided with an engineer and designer, but you’ll have a dedicated project manager and local representative who is only one call away.

CLP provides signed and sealed shop drawings for each project that meets the tension and compression requirements for your shear wall and wind-uplift design.

  • In-house Engineers
  • Deferred Submittals
  • Anchor Designs

Manage Better

If you’re a multifamily wood frame contractor, then you’ve probably experienced the increases on budgets, project timelines, and labor management. Over the past several years, building professionals have looked to innovative solutions to help save time and money. CLP Systems has been a solution to help customers defeat hardware complexity in wood frame buildings by providing better management of the engineering, manufacturing, and delivery of material.

  • Save more with pre-planning
  • On-time material delivery
  • Value – Engineering
  • Reduced Material Costs

Install Quicker

If you’re like many of our new customers, then you might be more familiar with installing the traditional solution of holdowns and metal straps in wood frame buildings. Continuous rod systems are the newer and more efficient tie-down product, but your framing crew can be inexperienced with the installation process. Once properly trained on the easy to install CLP System you will gain more savings on material and labor versus the old way of installing conventional hardware.

  • Nationwide Installation
  • Onsite Training & Certification
  • Video Trainings

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