Triple Your Holdown Capacities with Threaded Rod Systems

Conventional tie-down hardware no longer meets all the demands of modern wood frame construction. With recent urbanization, increase in levels and larger slab loads – construction is experiencing higher demands on budgets, product capabilities, deadlines and skilled labor. If you are an engineer, general contractor or framer, you need a different approach on the tie-down scope to meet these new demands.

The conventional capacity of a holdown has been between 15,000 pounds and 19,000 pounds. As projects have increased in size, calculated tension loads have dramatically increased causing engineers and general contractors to install double conventional holdowns in shear walls. But, is there an alternative solution that can meet these higher demands on construction?

The answer is yes. Threaded rod systems replace conventional holdowns and can achieve capacities exceeding 60,000 pounds per assembly. This means shear walls can be held in place with fewer anchors – reducing hardware cost and increasing installation efficiency.

Rod assemblies are placed at each end of the shear walls to anchor the structure to the foundation and resist overturning. Engineers and general contractors can have peace of mind knowing that their projects and the residents living inside are safe during high wind and seismic events by installing rod tie-down systems.

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At CLP Systems, we understand the design and installation difficulties you experience. We have worked with over 2,500 projects to revolutionize how tie-down hardware is designed and installed, ensuring long term structural integrity of wood frame buildings and making it quicker and easier for framers to install hardware. Ultimately, helping you keep your projects on time and under budget.




“The holdown capability is much stronger than conventional hardware.”

Zane Plumley
Winter Park Construction