What Does “Design Easier, Manage Better and Install Quicker” Actually Mean?

Being a general contractor is stressful and demanding. We know that there is a lot of pressure to complete every project on time and within budget. At CLP, our mission is to defeat hardware complexity and save you time and money on a project by helping you design easier, manage better and install quicker.

CLP’s in-house engineers are dedicated to guiding you through the design process. We can quickly provide signed and stamped shop drawings that meet the tension and compression requirements for the shear wall and wind uplift loads on the project, moving you through the design and submittal process much faster.

Our CLP project managers will help you plan ahead for upcoming anchor installations and help you avoid last-minute anchor questions or RFI’s. Our project managers can also break out the material needs for the project and plan deliveries so you only get the material you need and don’t have extra material sitting on the job site.

Your installation will be quicker when you use one of our trained subcontractors that knows precisely how to install the system. We also provide on-site training for your installers, or you can brush up through our online training videos and frequently asked questions.

Let us help you save time and money and complete your project successfully. At CLP, we’re committed to defeating hardware complexity. That’s all we do.

CLP wants to help guide you to have the project success you want! If you are interested in having the most successful project you have ever had, call us at 800-214-7673 to get started today.