A Successful Day at UAB’s Career Fair: Seeking Engineering and Internship Talent

At CLP Systems, we believe in the power of education and the potential of bright, young minds. That’s why we were thrilled to attend the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) career fair recently. The event proved to be a fantastic opportunity to connect with promising students and graduates while showcasing our commitment to nurturing local talent.

The UAB Connection: Where It All Begins

One of the standout aspects of the UAB career fair for us was the chance to reconnect with our roots. Two of our representatives at the fair, Kyle and Coleman, are proud alumni of the University of Alabama at Birmingham. They both started their journeys as students with dreams of making an impact in the world of engineering. Today, they are not only achieving their goals but have also become integral parts of our company.

Kyle, who graduated with a degree in Civil Engineering, shared his experience of how he started as an intern at CLP Systems during his senior year at UAB. He said, “During my time as intern at CLP Systems I developed many skills that complimented my Civil Engineering studies at UAB. I gained a deeper understanding of structural concepts taught in the classroom and applied them to the FE and PE exams. The internship position helped me to solidify my career as an engineer in the construction industry.”

Coleman, who studied Civil Engineering, also started his career journey his junior year with an internship at CLP Systems. He said, “I was able to sit down and shadow different people in our design department while also being trusted to handle my own designs and helping project managers with bill of material lists. It really helped give me a better understanding of the construction industry and what it takes for achieve project success.”

Our Quest for Talent

At the UAB career fair, we were on the lookout for students and graduates who are passionate about engineering and eager to learn and grow with us. We were delighted to see such a high turnout of talented individuals who were keen to explore opportunities with our company.

From Mechanical and Civil Engineering to Computer Science and Information Technology, we had engaging conversations with students from various backgrounds. The enthusiasm and dedication we witnessed were truly inspiring.

Why Choose CLP Systems?

We take pride in offering a dynamic and nurturing environment where employees can thrive. Whether you’re a recent graduate looking for an internship or an experienced professional seeking new challenges, here are some reasons to consider joining our team:

1. Investment in Talent: We believe in continuous learning and development. We offer training programs, tuition reimbursement, and support to help you grow in your career.

2. Innovative Projects: We work on projects that continually improve our use of technology and processes. You’ll have the chance to contribute to new solutions.

3. Community and Culture: Our company fosters a culture of collaboration, leadership, and team work. We believe in creating a workplace where everyone is empowered and works together.

4. Alumni Success Stories: As Kyle and Coleman can attest, we have a track record of helping our employees achieve their career goals. Your journey with us can be just as rewarding.

Join Us on This Journey

We look forward to welcoming some of these exceptional students and graduates to our team and helping them achieve their professional aspirations.

If you’re a UAB student or graduate interested in exploring opportunities with us, we encourage you to reach out. Whether you’re an aspiring engineer or looking for an internship, we believe that your journey can begin here.

As we wrap up our reflections on the UAB career fair, we want to express our gratitude to the university for hosting such a successful event. It’s a testament to the dedication of both the students and the university staff who make events like these possible.

At CLP Systems, we’re excited about the future and the potential for new collaborations. We’re committed to nurturing talent, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for our new recruits from UAB. Together, we’ll continue to innovate, create, and make a positive impact on the world of engineering.

Stay tuned for updates on our upcoming events and opportunities. We look forward to welcoming you to our team and helping you build a fulfilling and successful career with us.