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Keep your building safe during high wind and seismic events.
CLP stands for “Continuous Load Path”, an engineering term describing how wind and seismic loads are transferred both horizontally and vertically through structures. A continuous load path system is critical to the structural integrity of wood frame buildings, protecting the individuals and families inside during high wind and seismic events. Our CLP Rod System transfers lateral and vertical forces to the foundation preventing shear wall overturning and wind uplift. The below figures describe the difference between the forces – wind or seismic.

CLP Systems Shear Wall Overturning

Shear Wall

In engineering, a shear wall is a structural system composed of reinforced walls or panels to counter the effects of lateral forces, such as wind, acting on a structure. These lateral wind or seismic forces, which try to overturn the building, are offset on the shear wall.

CLP Systems Wind Uplift

Wind Uplift

Another type of force on a building is Wind Uplift, a vertical force or wind that is exerted on the roof structure of a building causing it to potentially lift off the building. This happens when wind pressure is greater below the roof, than above.

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