Be Aware : Sub-Standard Foreign-Made Threaded Rods are Infiltrating North America

We at CLP Systems recently discovered an article written by Salim Brahimi of the Industrial Fasteners Institute in the winter edition of Link Magazine, discussing the surge in foreign threaded rods disrupting the North American market. In this article, he depicts how foreign-made threaded rods are infiltrating the industry, and why these sub-standard rods could jeopardize projects across the nation. His ultimate goal is to raise awareness of the amount of non-conforming threaded rods and how to identify them in order to ensure the safety of all further projects.

Due to the nature of our business and the industry in which we work, we wanted to continue to raise awareness of this issue. CLP Systems prides itself as the only rod tie-down system that manufactures and uses USA made threaded rod materials; one of the many ways we strive to ensure the strength and integrity of all of your projects. Learn more about how CLP Systems manufactures domestic threaded rod here

This article in no way is owned or created by CLP Systems. Full credit is given to the author Salim Brahimi and the Editor of Link Magazine, Leo J. Coar.

Find the full magazine here.