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Don’t Want This to Happen to You? We Got your Back on Concrete Anchors!

  Did you know that getting the CLP team involved early-on in your project can save you both time and money? It’s our business to help you reach project success, and the sooner we get involved means less work and worry on your end. We spent some time talking with our engineers learning the various… Read more »

4 Surprising Benefits of Wood Structures

4 Surprising Benefits of Wood Structures There is no doubt that wood is making a comeback in multi-story developments. More and more architects are developing cutting-edge, massive, multi-story structures with one of nature’s most abundant materials. Let’s take a deeper look at some of the benefits of an all-wood structure. ThinkWood provided a list of… Read more »

Is Wood the Material of the Future? The Future of Multi-Story Wood Buildings.

  Is wood the material of the future? With societal trends favoring not just natural products, but natural spaces, more and more architects are looking for new ways to bring the outdoors in. Creating massive structures out of one of the Earth’s most natural and iconic elements, wood, architects and developers are catering to these… Read more »

Be Aware : Sub-Standard Foreign-Made Threaded Rods are Infiltrating North America

We at CLP Systems recently discovered an article written by Salim Brahimi of the Industrial Fasteners Institute in the winter edition of Link Magazine, discussing the surge in foreign threaded rods disrupting the North American market. In this article, he depicts how foreign-made threaded rods are infiltrating the industry, and why these sub-standard rods could… Read more »

Beat Natural Disasters and Save Your Multifamily Building With These 3 Steps

The year 2017 marked one of the most natural disaster ridden years in recent history. During the year, the U.S. alone was impacted by 16 different billion-dollar disaster events says the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. These disasters included: three tropical cyclones, eight severe storms, two inland floods, a crop freeze, a drought, and a… Read more »

CLP Systems Wants to Thank the 2016 Framer Safety Contest Participants!

CLP Systems wants to thank everyone who participated in the 2016 Framer Safety Contest! CLP and the National Framers Council partnered together to increase safety education and awareness in the framing industry. The NFC has developed the FrameSAFE program and is dedicated to providing framers with all of the tools they need to implement safety on… Read more »

FrameSAFE Training Resources

by Ken Shifflett, NFC Steering Committee In addition to the comprehensive, bilingual safety manual and site-specific fall protection template, the FrameSAFE program includes a variety of supplementary training tools including Toolbox Talks and Jobsite Safety Posters. Toolbox Talks highlight common workplace safety issues and general tips for a safe, efficient jobsite. Pulled from the FrameSAFE… Read more »

CLP and NFC Introduce the 2016 Framer Safety Contest

CLP Systems has partnered together with the National Framers Council and their FrameSAFE program to host the 2016 Framer Safety Contest, taking place June 6th – July 31st. Safety is the most important thing in the construction industry but not everyone is trained the correct way. That’s why we have partnered together to increase safety… Read more »