4 Surprising Benefits of Wood Structures

4 Surprising Benefits of Wood Structures

There is no doubt that wood is making a comeback in multi-story developments. More and more architects are developing cutting-edge, massive, multi-story structures with one of nature’s most abundant materials. Let’s take a deeper look at some of the benefits of an all-wood structure.

ThinkWood provided a list of 4 benefits of incorporating wood elements into office and residential buildings.

1. Project Efficiency

Save money and time by using wood over more traditional materials. ThinkWood says, “Next-generation wood products are created off site, shipped to the job in prefabricated sections and assembled safely and rapidly, facilitating accelerated construction schedules and reduced labor costs.” Not to mention, any sizing issues found at the time of construction can be easily fixed on site – without having to order new products and wait for them to arrive.

2. Environmental

As a sustainable material, wood provides many modes of being more environmentally-friendly than other conventional materials. Not only do wood structures have a smaller carbon-footprint than those of steel and concrete, but they also require less energy to maintain and create less water and air pollution.

3. Safety

In short, mass timber is not only fire-resistant, but burns at a slow and predictable rate. Like the trees it came from, wood is inherently flexible and the ideal material to withstand seismic and high-wind situations – with the help of CLP Systems tie-down and anchors solutions.

4. Occupant Well-being

Cater to the mindfulness and wellbeing of your structures occupants with a wood design. Improve your structure’s overall air quality using wood. ThinkWood explained that, “ Wood naturally improves indoor air quality due to its hypoallergenic characteristics, from easy-to-clean surfaces to humidity moderation.”  Wood also delivers the highest-quality acoustic performance as it naturally dampens sound. Not to mention, research shows that exposing humans to elements of nature indoors is directly linked to positive psychophysiological responses.


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Thank you, ThinkWood, for your engaging articles and research! Learn more about the reference article here.