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4 Surprising Benefits of Wood Structures

4 Surprising Benefits of Wood Structures There is no doubt that wood is making a comeback in multi-story developments. More and more architects are developing cutting-edge, massive, multi-story structures with one of nature’s most abundant materials. Let’s take a deeper look at some of the benefits of an all-wood structure. ThinkWood provided a list of… Read more »

Is Wood the Material of the Future? The Future of Multi-Story Wood Buildings.

  Is wood the material of the future? With societal trends favoring not just natural products, but natural spaces, more and more architects are looking for new ways to bring the outdoors in. Creating massive structures out of one of the Earth’s most natural and iconic elements, wood, architects and developers are catering to these… Read more »

Triple Your Holdown Capacities with Threaded Rod Systems

Conventional tie-down hardware no longer meets all the demands of modern wood frame construction. With recent urbanization, increase in levels and larger slab loads – construction is experiencing higher demands on budgets, product capabilities, deadlines and skilled labor. If you are an engineer, general contractor or framer, you need a different approach on the tie-down… Read more »