Made in America

CLP Systems is partnering with Wounded Warrior Project to donate a percentage of every threaded rod purchased in the month of July to help serve warriors and their family members. That means every rod you purchase for the month of July will help empower, employee, and engage veterans for their next mission in life. As a… Read more »

OSHA Steps Up COVID-19 Workplace Inspections & Enforcement

On May 19, OSHA announced that, based on an improved understanding about the transmission and prevention of COVID-19, it has adopted revised policies for in-person inspections and recordkeeping requirements with respect to the virus as economies reopen throughout the country. The new guidance will go into effect on Tuesday, May 26, 2020. Increased In-Person Inspections… Read more »

DOMESTIC: Does Domestic Really Matter?

Most want to “Buy American”. Especially these days, as we observe the global supply chain disorder and realize that we need more domestic manufacturing. But when it comes to quality control and supply, it feels like you can’t always trust imported material. There’s supply risk to buy import. A lack in quality control. Potential for… Read more »

NEW EMPLOYEE SPOTLIGHT: CLP would like to welcome Shon Campbell to our Estimating and Project Management Team!

NEW EMPLOYEE SPOTLIGHT: CLP would like to welcome Shon Campbell to our Estimating and Project Management Team! Shon has been in the construction industry for 20 plus years! He enjoys the construction industry because he can work with both the customers and the employers.  He says, “Finding solutions to customers problems is what I am… Read more »

Top Tips for Engineer Project Success

Wood frame engineers, did you know taking a few steps early in the project can help you design easier, build better, and set your projects up for long-term structural success? We asked our team what the best tips are they could share when it comes to ensuring the tie-down scope runs successfully. Here are their… Read more »

5 Solutions to Help Build Taller Structures With Wood

Continuous Rod System Structural engineers continue to adopt and replace conventional holdowns with continuous rod systems in wood frame multi-family projects. With recent urbanization, increase in levels and larger slab loads – construction has experienced higher demands on product capabilities and budgets. Engineers seeking different approaches on the tie-down scope specified continuous rod systems on… Read more »

The 5 Most Common Epoxy Anchoring Mistakes

In today’s market, many general contractors shy away from cast-in-place and embed plate anchoring solutions due to the cost and time it takes to install. These anchoring solutions can cause many frustrations on wood frame projects that delay construction timelines. To overcome these installation variables, general contractors and framers have increasingly looked to drill and epoxy… Read more »