Steel Dynamics Named One of World’s Most Admired Companies by Fortune

FORT WAYNE, Ind., Feb. 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Fortune named Steel Dynamics, Inc. (NASDAQ/GS: STLD) one of the 2021 World’s Most Admired Companies. Steel Dynamics ranked No. 1 within the metals industry. “We are honored by this recognition,” said Mark D. Millett, President and Chief Executive Officer. “Our recognition is testimony to the extraordinary passion… Read more »

Why are Concrete Anchors Becoming More Complicated?

The single most stressful aspect of tie-down hardware is the anchor design and placement. This has always been the case so why does it seem like it’s getting more complicated? In this short article, we’ll share some ideas on how you can simplify your anchors. Understanding why anchors are becoming more complicated will set you… Read more »

North American Softwood Lumber Prices Correct Further

CLP Systems

North American construction framing dimension softwood lumber prices did correct down a bit more last week, however demand remained quite strong for the time of year while supply was still quite constrained, according to Madison’s Lumber Reporter. Customers called around to sawmills and secondary suppliers, at wholesalers and reloads, in search of the wood they needed… Read more »

Careers in Construction Month

Are you in the construction industry and obsess over the success of your customers? When you join the CLP Systems team, you’re signing up to help transform building material services. We’re on a mission to help simplify tie-down hardware in the wood frame industry. Although October is officially Careers in Construction Month, you can choose… Read more »

Quickly Find Install Answers in Minutes

Do you have questions on how to install your CLP hold down system? Tried to Google your question, but you can’t find the answer? In this article, you’ll find simple resources to help answer all your questions. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a specific issue, or a totally new training for your install team. Use… Read more »

Do You Need Your Tie-Down System Designed Quickly?

Often designers can fall behind schedule when contractors don’t know which files to provide for the design. In this article, we share the design file requests that will keep your project on time and running smoothly. First, if you have a post-tension slab, you’ll want your tie-down supplier to provide a preliminary anchor review as… Read more »

Designing for Natural Disasters

Designing a building to withstand the forces of nature can be daunting. High wind and seismic events have the potential to ravage even the best designs, exerting forces through a structure both vertically and horizontally. Utilizing a threaded rod system can help keep your structure safe through these chaotic events, giving you the assurance that… Read more »

CLP Customers Help Support America’s Brave

Many have sacrificed their safety and well-being for our country’s freedom. As an American-made product, CLP Systems stands proudly with our military service members who have sacrificed so much for our country. In the month of July, when you purchased a CLP System tie-down system, CLP employees elected to donate $.01 for every pound to… Read more »