Concrete Anchors: The Importance of Early Communication with CLP Systems

If you’re in construction, then you know success is often determined by how well a project is planned and executed. One critical aspect of construction that can’t be overlooked is the installation of concrete anchors. These small but critical components play a crucial role in ensuring the safety and stability of multi-family buildings. However, their… Read more »

Elevating Excellence: Introducing Our New Estimating Supervisor, Alexa

In the challenging world of construction, accuracy in estimates is key to success. At CLP Systems, we understand that accurate project estimations set your project up for success. With an unwavering commitment to enhancing our services and delivering the highest quality results, we are thrilled to introduce you to our latest development: the Estimating Supervisor… Read more »


As a vital part of the construction supply chain, the structural building components industry was deemed essential in most states during the COVID-19 pandemic. As such, it has played a valuable role in keeping the construction going strong, allowing projects to be built significantly faster than with traditional framing methods. More importantly, the 82,500 Americans… Read more »

New Project Manager Brings Wood Frame Experience and Military Leadership to Help Customers Defeat Hardware Complexity

CLP Systems is pleased to announce a new addition to our Project Management team. Blake Young has recently joined CLP Systems as a new Assistant Project Manager working out of Pelham, AL. Blake brings 3+ years’ of experience in the wood frame residential construction industry, most recently as an assistant superintendent with a local contractor… Read more »