Don’t Want This to Happen to You? We Got your Back on Concrete Anchors!

  Did you know that getting the CLP team involved early-on in your project can save you both time and money? It’s our business to help you reach project success, and the sooner we get involved means less work and worry on your end. We spent some time talking with our engineers learning the various… Read more »

Are you using the right compression posts? Find out with these 3 tips.

Are you using the right compression posts for your project? Are you picking compression posts for your multi-level wood-frame project using a catalog? You’re not alone. Many look to these catalog tables to find the minimum required thickness for compression posts without considering the wood species or wall height. Typically, conventional catalog tables only give… Read more »

Types of Anchors: PROS & CONS

There’s nothing more frustrating than anchor issues when it’s time to install a wall and begin constructing a wood frame building. More than ever anchor issues are on the rise and slab loads are steadily increasing with the rise in floor levels. With developers looking to get more out of available property, many engineers and… Read more »